Monday, September 7, 2009


fantasizing about owning a home by a lake,
we came across this abandoned cottage
with a rotting dock and overgrown weeds,
wondering where the love had gone.


  1. this is such a lovely image the muted colors of a quiet spot

  2. I bet if you walked inside, you'd still feel the love that is there....those cottages hold onto what is true and always share that with those who follow....

    I hope your dream of a lakeside place comes trues....

  3. gorgeous shot - love the rich greens and the reflections.

  4. i bet love lives within the walls.

  5. Isn't it beautiful? I imagine you slowly floating past this house with a dreamy look in your eye.

  6. I hope your dream comes true. Love the photo.

  7. Beautiful - maybe the love just had to fly south for the winter...

  8. Hmmmm.... wonder if the love is just waiting to return? I can imagine living in a little place like that!

  9. So pretty, I can't believe no one lives here. Sad.

  10. Beautiful image......where has the love gone????

  11. Someone's fishing cottage, no doubt...I suppose the fishies are living to a ripe old age now.

    Lovely shot, VS!

  12. Sad nobody thought or was willing to take care of such a sweet little place. Nice shot.

  13. this. So thought provoking. Beautiful words and photo.

  14. You and I have the same dream:)...Love the quiet serenity of this photo...the muted the cottage is the purple flowers peeking through...

  15. Elk: it was a very wuiet spot.

    Beth: sometimes the dream is better than the reality...

    Char: there was certainly lots of rich greenery around.

    SE'LAH: I'd like to think so.

    Steviewren: floating... back and forth...

  16. Cinner: thanks.

    Diahn: except this was the end of summer...

    Linda: I think it is waiting for new love.

    Liss: I fear the original owners passed on, maybe?

    Cora: thanks, it had its own attractiveness.

    Susan: we may never know for sure, but thanks.

  17. Traci: my thought is that the younger members of the family lost interest... or money.

    Dani: I tried to put it in the picture, thanks.

    Sandra: thank you. a lakefront property... makes you wonder...

    Oliag: thanks, it looks very serene - even with other cottages right beside, there was some wildflowers in between.

    WeBlogArtists: no we didn't. sometimes a mystery should stay so.


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