Friday, September 25, 2009

Out of Focus

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul.
And sings the tune
Without the words,
and never stops at all.
-Emily Dickinson

This week has been a blur. We live less than five miles from
declared disaster areas.
Schools were closed for two days and one is completely flooded.
Homes were flooded and all possessions lost.
Cars were swept away.
Lives were lost. Nine.
We are some of those more fortunate.
More than possessions being regained, I pray for hope to be restored
to those affected by this flood.


  1. Very heartbreaking... my prayers are that you continue to keep safe...


  2. you must live very close to me. this has been a rough week for a lot of folks. i join you in prayer for those devastated by the floods.

  3. Traci, so many places are experiencing flooding issues right now, and it is just heartbreaking to see. Wonderful photo and beautiful quote. Stay safe and well!

  4. traci, prayers and blessings to all of you living in or close to these flooded areas.

    not only is your photo exquisite in elegance, you've featured my favorite dickinson quote.

  5. beautiful prayers - i'm so glad you were spared - it's been awful watching the news reports.

  6. I hope things are better soon. So glad you were spared the worst of it. I love Emily and the photo is perfect.

  7. Heartbreaking feeling, my town was affected by the worst natural disaster in Australian history this year. It a strange world that can dump so much rain in one place but nothing in another.

  8. How sad. 9 lives- what a waste, Your photo is a wonderful memorial .

  9. So sad, My prayers are with you and others, beautiful photo.

  10. and once again you did it with flying colors!!! beautiful!!

  11. oh this photo is tender and sorry for the devastation

  12. beautiful shot, beautiful words.

  13. So sorry for these troubling, horrific events...and yet a beautiful,thoughtful post is made of them. Lovely, unfocused photo. Hope all is better now...


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