Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Out Of Focus

With so much going on in my life right now I feel a bit out of focus...Out of focus with myself.
The focus has been on my businesses, my children, home duties, another job, a class I am taking, photographing events and families, processing the photos, and now teaching art at my son's school.
This is a self portrait of my reflection in my guitar I took awhile back, and the way I am slightly out of focus is sort of how I feel right now in my life.
I know things will calm down. I also know I created this hectic life. I know soon I will have more time for focusing on me. I have plans for more exercise, meditation, being in nature, surfing, and daydreaming!
Update 9/25: Thanks everyone for the comments!
Writing this post really made me think about how I am choosing to create my life,
and I am happy to say I am coming back into focus with myself!
(more here)
Have a great weekend!


  1. shell ...this is stunning, a favorite!

  2. Oh do have a lot on your plate. Just be sure to sneak in a few minutes of quiet time for your self...

  3. that is a lot - glad you're planning to take care of you too

  4. this is a wonderful reflective self-portrait and sharing of how you feel in this stage of your life. take time to enjoy every wonderful minute of it!

  5. Even your plans for focusing on yourself sound hectic to me!! Awesome photo.

  6. Beautiful photo, love the reflection, it does sound hectic. take care and be well.

  7. Completely original and beautiful!

  8. Great shot.

    I hope you find focus and balance. I think most of us want to do so much and have so little time it can seen futile trying to focus at times.

  9. Very creative expression of out-of-focus!

  10. Fabulous photo and tie-in with the theme.

  11. Beautiful self portrait! you have a busy schedule -- it must take a lot of focus to keep up with it all.

  12. Make sure you look after yourself. That's an order:) Great photo BTW

  13. I am exhausted just reading about how much you are accomplishing!...You have presented a beautiful and touching self-portrait in words and image:)


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