Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The People I See

The people I see here are...
looking for a butterfly that just landed on a flower.

The people I see here are...
the ones I love to watch when they don't know I'm watching.

The people I see here are...
the family I made
not the ones I was born into and always believed were all I needed
but the ones that came along after I was grown, the ones that made my life complete

The man I see here is...
the man I sat across a table from 12 years ago on our first date and knew I would marry him one day
the man that goes to work every day to support his family

The girl I see here is....
my breathe
my heart
my life.

The people I see here are my world.


  1. this is wonderful.. what a beautiful family you have... that now we see....

  2. Such a sweet tribute to the ones you love dearly!

  3. It's obvious that you love your family very, very much...from your words and the loving way you captured them.

  4. The simple day to day lives we live when we are with people we love are everything. This is a lovely post thank you.

  5. love your lovin' Jenny. it's obvious how much you adore and love your family - it shines through all that you do.

  6. Wonderful writing and loving tribute to your family.

  7. What a sweet photo -- and I love your words. They made me smile.


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