Friday, September 18, 2009

who i see (sooc)...

grandparents day 2009. my daughter pays her 95 year old great-grandmother a visit. she brings grandma her very own groovy girl doll. grandma doesn't want to accept it...she doesn't want to take away the child's doll. but my daughter insists. so grandma accepts. as usual, grandma exclaims, "it's not a doll, it's a pretty little girl" and gives her pretty little groovy girl a most welcoming hug.

grandma takes a moment to stop and smell the flowers my daughter hand picked for her from the garden.

time will not erase the child inside. grandma tries on her bottle cap ring. here comes the bride.

grandma is happy. she is not forgotten. she tells hubby that our daughter is the only grandchild who gives her gran-gran anything. celebrating great-grandmothers.

the end.


  1. These are fabulous photographs, priceless. How wonderful to have Grandma still with you. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Oh, I love this! There is so much wisdom and experience and love on her face and in her hands... thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  3. beautiful shots - so much joy and love in the shots.

  4. What beauty and love...



  5. so sweet and tender. your daughter is a thoughtful young girl.

  6. this took my breath away.
    love all of the photos.
    what a precious soul.
    you are very lucky.

    what i wouldn't do for a photo of my daddy's hands...

  7. selah this touched me deeply...thank you for sharing your life

  8. Selah, I just loved it all, so much love and happines. beautiful

  9. selah -- what a beautiful lady your grandmother is! I love these photos with their wonderful color and sharpness, and your stories about your grandmother and daughter are a joy to read.

  10. So lovely and touching. Beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  11. gran - gran looks very happy not to be forgotten about. What a lovely bond your daughter has with her. I think she will carry fond memories of gran gran for a long time.

  12. How fortunate to have a great-grandmother in her life! A beautiful series of photos...and I loved the story in the link too...Touching and beautiful!


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