Monday, September 14, 2009

Who I see...

Who I See

……when I see myself

I see myself without the handicap of glasses, the little wrinkle
lines of being 50, and the blond without the grey.
I see a child of God who became a daughter, a friend,
a wife, and a mother.
I see things I don’t like and some that I do.
I see the blue of my eyes that I got from my daddy.
I see the nose I got from my mama.
I see my own daughter.
I see years of growing and becoming who I am.
Sometimes I see worry and fear, but most of the time a smile :)
Sometimes I see a stranger, yet other times a friend.
My prayer is that people will see Jesus in me.
And my hope is that you will like who you see.

@ Heartfelt and Homemade


  1. Cora, I see the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Beautiful.

  2. I see the most beautiful blue eyes!! Wonderful...

  3. wow this is really pretty! great take on the theme

  4. you have amazing eyes and a warm and honest soul. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. beautiful self portrait Cora and beautiful insightful words to go with it.

  6. I can see inside and it's beautiful. x

  7. Oh, Cora...this is so wonderfully written and I love the crop. Really makes the viewer focus on your eye. Thank you for the wonderful feedback you've given me, too.

  8. Really lovely, Cora - such a great focused crop...

  9. Beautiful - beautiful life and beautiful hope and beautiful mission. Your eyes tell it all.

  10. Beautiful eye...both the photo and the photographer:)

    ...and beautiful statement...

  11. to be able to see ourselves is the most important thing we can do...otherwise, others will never see the real us

  12. I wish I knew you.
    Your photo and words make me want to be your friend. :)

  13. Gorgeous picture, beautiful words.

  14. guys are so sweet!
    I'm glad to be a part of this themed adventure, finding new friends.....

  15. Really beautiful and focused! Lovely sentiment as well.

  16. incredibly beautiful eyes! this is beautifully it.


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