Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who I See...

who i see.

To see myself....

I see a daughter, sister, wife, and mother.
I see someone who appreciates the differences in people.
I see someone who is constantly looking for the beauty in everything,
but has such a hard time finding the same in herself.

I see new wrinkles and my first gray hair sneaking in.
I see someone who is probably misunderstood.
However, I also see a friend, a supporter, a believer~
I am learning to like what I see - when I see myself.


  1. beautiful, mysterious and earthly - to me the essence of being a woman.

  2. Fantastic self portrait - I love the depth of field...brilliant!

  3. I would say your family and friends should feel very privileged to know some like you with such understanding and passion for life.

  4. Self-acceptance and understanding is the hardest thing to achieve, I think, for women. You're doing a good job of it. Really lovely self-portrait.

  5. Oh what a beautiful portrait -- the dof is amazing! And yes, I think we all struggle with self-acceptance. The early fifties have been very hard for me, trying to come to terms with the stranger who stares back at me from the mirror...

  6. i really love this, so unique.

  7. this photo is fantastic.
    i really like what you wrote too.
    i'm right there with ya, sista!

  8. An incredibly beautiful image and sentiment...


  9. i adore this portrait of yourself seeing the beauty in a tiny blade of grass and us seeing the beauty in you. i really like the depth of field and the processing you have used as well.

  10. love the feel of the words you use as i gaze at the magical image ~

  11. GREAT self portrait, and I love the processing, too. Wonderful post!

  12. Such an imaginative, beautiful self-portrait...and the words you wrote are yet another beautiful self-portrait...

  13. Wonderful photo, and everything you see in yourself makes you what and who you are. Our ability to accept and understand who we are make us more...just become more.


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