Saturday, October 31, 2009


Like so many others, my childhood passion was books and reading.
I kept all of mine.
They are friends that I will never give up.
I learned from them.
I dreamed about them.
I wanted to write them.
I enjoyed them.
I love them still.


  1. Love Nacy Drew! *sigh*
    I will passionately buy an old childs book at thrift/antique store when I find one I like! I love them, especially Christmas ones. You have a great collection!

  2. Wonderful! I still have many of mine, and every time I see one that I used to have, I have to buy it...Now I need new bookshelves.

    And you SHOULD write them...

  3. How wonderful that you have so many of them!...I think I see Cherry Ames in the corner:)....and I just loved Trixie Belden!

  4. What a great collection! I wish I had kept mine -- until I discovered science fiction, my favorite series was The Three Investigators, and you just can't find them anywhere now.

  5. books were definitely a passion of mine too! and i too was a nancy drew fan... i remember my grandmother got me the paperback ones (i use them in my classroom now) and it was a while before i actually started reading them... but when i finally began my first nancy drew book, i couldn't put them down until everyone of the nancy drew books i owned was read! love the memory you sparked (and i think i might be bringing home a nancy drew book to read next week :)

  6. oh how i loved nancy drew and the hardy boys. i also loved donna parker. wasn't there also a nursing series called cherry ames?

    love this

  7. your words are poetry ~ continue to save the books

  8. Beautiful words to go with all your books. They are wonderful.

  9. Is that a Nurse Cherry Ames on the left? What a wonderful collection! The Red Trailer Mystery is the first Trixie Belden I read.

    Ooooh, I am so jealous!

  10. Yep, you do see Cherry Ames. I also have the Hardy Boys, the Dana Sisters, the Bobsey Twins and Donna Parker books.

  11. you have an amazing collection and the photo makes me want to pull up a cushion and while away a few hours.

  12. books, books, books....I could never get enough of them either! Great collection and wonderful photo.


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