Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Childhood Passion

I had a few passions as a child, one was always drawing and coloring, painting, anything to do with art.
The most important as a child was collecting rocks, looking for gold, just like in those cowboy movies we used to watch. I remember showing my Dad, look there is this one, and his eyes would get big and he would tell me to go look over there. Now I know it was just to keep me busy and out of his road as he was always working,,,When I got a little older well now my older sister and I could go pick rocks off the field. That was quite an adventure for me. I was always finding ones with different colors, very exciting. After I left the farm I would haul stones to my yard for a path, or around a fountain and my Dad would think I had lost my mind.
I heard him tell my Mom how all those years he has been picking them off the fields and the silly girl is hauling them to the city. When people go on holidays and ask what can I bring you back. I would always say, oh just bring me a rock that you find on the beach, etc.  A few years ago when I got sick I started carving rocks with a handheld dremel. Somedays I was unable to work on them, but the odd day when I had energy I could.
I have to say what a dusty job it was and that one day I blew my dremel up in my hand. I was not hurt, but since then I am not allowed to play with power tools. So this childhood passion continues and in my travels, I still bring home rocks, to me none look the same. I think it is like comparing oranges to apples.
Note to readers, I ate the last apple at lunch!


  1. Cinner what a lovely and quite funny story. The things we loved in our childhoods often still hit the button in our older (not old) age. Ha ha!!

  2. oh wow - they are great. i love the mother and child one especially.

    what a very cool way of expressing your art.

  3. Very interesting beautiful art work! So unique and different. I had a rock collection when I was little too! I had forgot about that passion!

  4. Beautiful artwork, cinner! I love rocks too.

    Have you ever seen "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz? The rock scene is hilarious!

  5. Susan thanks for the heads up, I will have to check it out. I am a huge fan of Lucille Ball.

  6. HA...Susan beat me to it...I was going to comment on the Lucy and Desi comedy scene with the trailer full of rocks too! is hysterical and every time I go to save a rock I think of it! This is a great post cinner!...Love your obsession!

  7. What an interesting passion -- I love it! Can't imagine carving rocks with a Dremel ... what wonderful stuff!

  8. Too bad about your Dremel explosion. You were very good at it. I bet you have a great collection.


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