Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This 16oz. traveler is fulled to the rim with my coffee alternative...vanilla nut 75% organic Mediterranean herbal coffee branded "Teccino". It's naturally caffeine free (I'm highly caffeine sensitive and convert into a panic attack freak-a-ziod if consumed) and non acidic. It's creamy vanilla accented by golden roasted almonds, dates & figs possesses a medium roast w/a rich smooth body in it's 11oz/312g all-purpose grind packaging. I steep teccino in my french press pot. It states on the packaged literature that it gives a natural energy boost from nutrients not stimulants, is heart healthy in potassium and prebiotic from the inulin in chicory root. They boast it is beyond fair trade: creating new trade in their first world farmers network, small family farms & rainforest village trades.

I created a coffeehouse from scratch 6 years ago of which I sold last year. I have made all the specialty coffee drinks, salads & panini's, catered events, live music & open mic nights I care to in this life. I now am the artist who puts her work on the coffeehouse walls, I am now the woman who can enjoy the atmosphere without work responsibilities. I have my self-designed travel mug to remind me each morning of how I came to be in this very moment. I have found a freedom in birthing an idea, seeing it grow, then letting it go. It's a wonderful place to have arrived.


  1. Oh, I like this post. It's so very encouraging to read that -- you've arrived, and you have a talisman so you won't forget to be grateful and joyous at your destination.

    That drink also sounds fabulous. I'll have to try it sometime. Yum.

  2. Dawn when I started reading I thought now here is someone who knows about coffee! That is quite a feat, and now you put your work on the walls. love this post. Thanks for arriving.

  3. That sounds much healthier than caffeine, and it's pretty too. Love the spot of color!

  4. that sounds delish - and warm and inviting.

    it's nice to know the other side as I always though I would enjoy having a coffee house.

    beautiful shot too

  5. Good for you! I'm so impressed!



  6. great shot and fabulous story, yep who hasn't wanted a coffee shop to call their own at some stage, but it does sound like a lot a lot of hard work. Enjoy the other side now. I alwasy buy fair trade if I can.

  7. What a gorgeous photo, and a VERY inspirational story! I love this post.

  8. what a wonderful window into your life...I KNOW it was hard work, the blend you describe sounds heavenly!

  9. Sounds divine and looks divine!...Love the story:)


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