Monday, October 12, 2009

in this season

orchestra ad 1.psd

my Senior in high school has played the Cello for 8 years
the first Symphony Orchestra concert is this week at her high school
this mosaic I created will appear in the concert program
along side other student photos of every kind
with well wishes from families

The word season
takes on a slightly different meaning for me this autumn
as we look at colleges to attend next year, schedule SAT tests, etc.
this is a season of harvesting tender sweet fruits
after years of growing, reaching, maturing


  1. beautiful - she is so accomplished and lovely. I know you are very proud.

  2. This is exactly what I love about this site - unique interpretations of the theme. What a wonderful time for you and your family! A lovely tribute to a lovely girl, too. Well done!

  3. Seasons I understand. Times of great change, new beginnings, blossoming, changing. It is a wonderful time, a challenging time, sometimes a sad and scary time. Embrace the season and let your beatiful daughter spread her wings and fly. She knows the way home and I am sure you have taught her well.

  4. Oh how beautiful she is, with that lovely flaming hair just like her mother! What a sweet tribute!

  5. You must be so proud of her...wishing her all the luck and best with her choices...
    Not an easy time...
    Lovely take on the theme.

  6. What a wonderful young lady she is, a beautiful time for all. Be well.

  7. So beautiful and talented and it is obvious by your words that you are a very proud momma...for good reason!

  8. Oh this is sweet....I remember my daughter's senior year...what a season in her life! Thanks for the spur of memories!
    Congratulations to her and all she has accomplished.

  9. What a beautiful harvest...


    Congratulations on your sweet girl's accomplishments.


  10. Elk this is a beautiful collage, you must be very proud. Congratulations to your daughter for her hard work and dedication, I am sure it will pay off.

  11. she is so beautiful. i know it melts your heart every time you hear her play and see her lovely smile. i know you are proud and with good reason.
    i remember this senior season well. it can be stressful and emotional but so very exciting too. wishing her, and you, the best.

  12. What a great photo collage! The angle of the cello is so unusual ... it really compliments those beautiful portraits.
    :-) I know you must be proud!

  13. The season of beautiful, talented daughters:) I love the collage elk!


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