Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season - Dia De Los Muertos

Para los que vinieron antes

For those who came before

Whose tears have formed rivers

Whose blood has burned and ignited my passions

Whose bodies have returned to embrace Mother Earth

Releasing their spirits to God

Eternal flames lighting the sky

Pinning the night with their glory

Giving passage to the Sun to warm my soul

Oiga mis palabras,
Hear my words to know that I listen

Observa estas velas,
Observe these candles to know that I see

SiƩnteme el corazon,
Feel my heart to know that I love...

*Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead is November 1st & 2nd, not a morbid celebration but a reunion of family.


  1. this holiday has always fascinated me. thank you for posting this prayer - I like it.

  2. This is beautiful as we all have people dear to us the we would love to reunite with.... Well I know I do.

  3. What lovely prayer and unique take on the theme.

  4. Beautiful prayer and now I know it is a reuniting of family. Thankyou.

  5. I always wondered what this holiday is about. Thank you for sharing..I cant wait till I can see my love ones again one day...

  6. Beautiful post! I love that prayer.

  7. ...a beautiful holiday with many wonderful traditions that I would love to learn more about...Thank you for this poem and this take on season:)


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