Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sometimes we try too make a day full of fun things to experience.
Sometimes we just need to remember the simplicity of Life around us, because these are the moments we treasure within for years to come.

This week has been SO busy for me...and NOT simple at all...and I SO nearly didn't make this post...but I took a few hours out of my CRAZY pace of Life and today we enjoyed where we simply Nature.

Wonderful week of Simplicity...apologies for not commenting yet on all your fabulous images.


  1. :-) I see you consulted with one of those simplicity experts ... otherwise known as a kid!
    Great photo!

  2. glad you got here in time...this is a great photo !

  3. sometimes it just happens. sweet shot of the rainboots and leaves.

    hope this next week is much easier

  4. Great boots! And isn't it true that kids have so much fun with the simple things like jumping in the leaves?

  5. who needs video games and toys? all you need are a kickin' pair of boots and some fallen it!

  6. i do believe this - that sometimes we try too hard to make a plans but almost always it's the unplanned and simple that leave to biggest impression on our lives. children are experts at simple fun.

  7. simple...and busy. I totally understand. My simple life has been on fast forward lately, lol! Love this photo!


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