Sunday, October 25, 2009


My graduation gift from high 25 years old.
She is a manual focus, so she taught me to be quick.
She taught me to look for the light.
She taught me to use the numbers to my advantage.
She taught me to think ahead about what I'd be shooting and my lighting conditions in order to select the correct film speed.
She taught me to learn from my mistakes - and there have been plenty.
Until I took a darkroom class, there was no manipulating her results.
In terms of today's photography, she may be considered simple.
To me, though, it is this simplicity that has given me the gift of SEEING.
And no amount of technology can teach this.

I know you all know what I mean, because your posts are awesome, inspiring and challenge me to be a better photographer. I promise this week I will get back on track to leaving everyone comments!


  1. this is a touching tribute to a gift that I am sure opened your is that way!

  2. Wonderful!!! I still have an old Canon from the 70's that I learned on... :)

  3. beautiful shot - I still have my old original rebel too.

  4. Yes! I still have my old Canon AE1!!
    :-D GREAT photo tribute to our old friends!

  5. This is just a beautiful image! What a wonderful gift...I still have the Pentax I received for collage graduation...

  6. Love my old Minolta!!! This really brought back some memories! Thanks for sharing!

  7. sounds like we've all been there! we still have the old Pentax K-1000, though it no longer works. great shot!


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