Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Door To My Future

This is the door to my future.
This is the door to my new home.
...the door to a new chapter in my life.
When I step through this door I'm stepping into "Yes"
With this house I've embraced more...bright colours, new ideas, new materials and openness.
With this house I've embraced less...less space, less gardening, less to care for.
This house is the outer reflection of the inner changes in me.
Brighter, bolder, wide open and free.
(soon, very soon)


  1. Bold, bright, and free? Bravo! Sounds like a wonderful future lies beyond that door!

  2. Good luck Kate, it sounds like a new adventure for you. I like the idea of doing less and being free. Take care.

  3. what a fantastic time for you - so exciting.

    best wishes on the new adventure.

  4. sounds exciting . stepping into 'yes'. i like that.

  5. What a wonderful time, then - a new beginning, change, brightness, color. May it be a time of fulfillment as the old year draws to an end and a new one begins!

  6. it looks like a happy moment, how exciting!

  7. Congratulations! It sounds -- and looks -- very inviting :)

  8. I love moving into new homes...such promise. And I love, love, love the style of your new door!

  9. What an inviting door to your future ... things look so promising! Good luck ... may all your wishes for that new life unfold.


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