Sunday, November 8, 2009

a favorite door

Quite possibly my favorite kind of door. I love opening my mailbox door every day. I love mail! I love the surprise, like getting a gift every afternoon. Yes, some days are bad, full of bills, but some days are good, an invitation, a colorful catalog, or my favorite magazine. Of course the best is a handwritten letter, with maybe a photo tucked inside, from an old (or new) friend.
(this isn't actually my mailbox but an old one of my dads resting comfortably in a pile of leaves... waiting for this creative daughter to do something wonderful with it...)


  1. I agree with you, mailboxes are wonderful. There is nothing like opening that door to find something delightful inside. I love to see them painted brightly and decorated!

  2. ...Yes it is always fun to look in there isn't it?

  3. That is one of the things about the Christmas season I love - you get real cards from people!

  4. dandy i think it is a magical "door"

  5. a very magical door indeed. love the thoughts here.

  6. oh how I love that door, too !
    a magic door often with gifts...but those bills, now that's another story.


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