Saturday, November 21, 2009

Morning Light

Mornings come very early for me.

Not that I get up early but unfortunately, I wake up early. Waaaaay too early.

So what's a girl to do when she's wide awake and the darkness still lingers outside her window? Well this girl get's a cup of chai tea and brings it back to bed, turns on her computer and checks in briefly with the rest of the world .

"Hello world!"

And then, meditation...or at least my version of it...grounding, connecting and breathing in a continutous, circular breathing motion.

The light outside begins to glimmer and there's movement downstairs. The coffee is on and a four year old is up.

My day has begun.


  1. Lovely light, and a lovely ritual...

  2. lovely to have that time to yourself. and now i want some chai. a wonderful idea.

  3. I do like the light that venetians make.

  4. I love early early mornings like these! Taking it all in before the day truly begins (as I'm sure when your four year old us up, you don't get to slow down much!!) Beautiful photo! I love capturing the morning sun coming through my windows too!

  5. ...I never have trouble with waking too early...but if I did I would hope to greet it with meditation along with my coffee...

  6. Waking too early is my life also! So nice to have those extra hours when your mind is fresh.

  7. Yep, me too! Great photo and words:)

  8. wonderful photo. sounds like you have a nice morning routine.


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