Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have a "thing" for windows... I love to imagine what life inside might be like.  This particular window leaves me feeling a little sad.  A home neglected.  Was it a happy home for someone?  Just like needs a little TLC. Someone to come along and give it some love.  Just as our eyes are windows to the soul...are windows the soul of a home? 

Hmmmmm...I wonder...


  1. Very well put and I agree...I also have a passion for windows.....they are the soul of home!!

  2. Your photo reminds me of so many times my sash window would get stuck like that!

  3. interesting thought. that is a sad looking window. nice photo though.

  4. Great colors and processing here.
    Following your thought - what does it say if my windows are always dirty? Hmmm. Maybe I don't want to know.

  5. love this window post! interesting thoughts you shared.

  6. lol at Traci's comment! I'm in that category, too. I love clean windows, but we never seem to get around to taking down those storm windows and giving them a thorough bath....maybe when my hubby retires he'll have more time for things like that.

    Actually that window looks to be in pretty good shape...just needs a little work and it would be good as new.

    I love looking in windows at night (I'm not really a peeping tom!), not at the people inside, but how they decorate their houses.

  7. This is a fantastic photograph!
    And I'm laughing with Susan! I also like to walk my neighborhood at night and peek out of the corner of my eye through the lit windows at the decorating ...

  8. such a beautiful photo...and beautiful thoughts, too!

  9. You have made a sad house and window look the peeling paint and crooked window:)


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