Monday, November 30, 2009


I captured this picture of my girl at a festival we attended recently. It is tempting to think she is holding the hand of her best friend. The truth is, these two beauties had literally just met. I found myself watching these fast friends in awe. There was beauty in the simplicity of the connection. No filters. Both color blind. They recognized a warm, kindred spirit in the other and allowed themselves to act on their senses, their gut instincts. These two may not ever have the chance to connect again but I hope that neither of them loses this quality~ the willingness to come together, with others, based on simply enjoying one another’s company.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if we were all fast friends.


  1. I absolutely adore kids.. and their willingness to live in the moment. Beautiful

  2. we could learn a lot from children about uncomplicated friendship. lovely.

  3. children amaze me with the ability they have to make instant friends. would that we as adult could do the same.

    beautiful shot

  4. what a sweet shot, you have taught your daughter well, to love and enjoy no matter our differences, rare qualities among us adults. What a sweetheart

  5. there is so much to be learned from children.


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