Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up In The Tree Tops

Looking Up
Looking up….

 This is what I see……..the old hickory nut tree in my backyard. I look down and I see the nuts, shells, hulls, leaves…etc…down where the squirrels leave a mess because they love eating them. I look up and see the beauty of it all!...The bright golden yellow leaves and the sun. As a child we have to look up and as an adult we forget to do this simple task and we tend to miss so much beauty above ourselves.
Today is the first day the sun has shined in several days due to the Hurricane Ida weather we had in south Alabama.
So I am proud to get out and LOOK UP!

@Heartfelt and Homemade


  1. Love the photos Glad you can get outside again.

  2. What a bright and beautiful appreciated, I know, after the rain!

  3. wow cora you have such a natural beauty to see in that tree and all the color...

  4. gorgeous!!! love the color - just gorgeous

  5. Love that flare...and happy that the sun is shining on you again:)

  6. The sun always shines brighter after a storm, doesn't it? The beauty of the trees makes all the fallen stuff worthwhile.


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