Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Windows and Doors

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.
Ogden Nash

Oh, how true. I've owned four dogs so far in this lifetime and every one has always been on the wrong side of the door. with muddy paws. wanting in. or wanting out. when I'm unavailable. always.
This is Ella and she is doing a "Downward Facing Dog" yoga pose. She is a mutt, a rescue and loved as though I birthed her myself.
(My Nanny would scold me for letting you all see just how dirty my windows really are! Oooh, I have no shame!)


  1. rescue dogs make good pets. my current dog and cat are rescues and i swear they are grateful every day! lovely post and spot on the theme.

  2. oh how sweet and yes, i agree, dogs are perpetually wanting to be where you are not - at least for 5 seconds or so.

    cute shot

  3. The door doesn't look dirty to me. Your dog seems sweet...what about a doggie door? My friends have one and they love it. Especially in the middle of the night. So far, no foreign critters have gotten in which is surprising since they live in a woodland area.

  4. Traci, my dogs have scratched the screens right off the doors when they want in. A friend of mine had a huge st.Bernard, you should have seen her windows. omg. Love the photo.

  5. Sweet doggy! I love it when they do the downward dog! My Lucy is a rescue, as are two of my cats. The kitties are so grateful to be fed and taken in from the cold. They give me hugs and kisses every day.

    Your door is a lot cleaner than mine!

  6. I love this portrait of your dog. It says so much about his personality.

  7. Aw ... it makes me want to open the door and give the dog a good scratchin'!
    :-D And your windows look clean enough to me -- I didn't photograph ANY of my windows, slthough I might if we ever get the theme of cobwebs...
    Great photo!

  8. awww...what a perfect view from this side of the door! :D

  9. ...oh and I have to say this is particularly true of cats too:) Great photo and post!


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