Monday, December 21, 2009

B~ is for Baking

Christmas Cookies

Baking these delicious iced sugar cookies! YUMMY!

Rosy cheeks and crispy air~
Cheery hearts are everywhere.
In calmness lay the earth so still,
Adorned in winter's finest frill.
The magic of the season rings,
When children raise their voice to sing,
In praise of all that Christmas brings.

~T.J. Mills
Merry Christmas Blessings to you all!

@ Heartfelt and Homemade


  1. beautiful!! I so want those in my tummy along with my afternoon coffee.

  2. Your cookies look yummy... can I try one?

    The poem is very cute, I have not heard it before.

  3. Yum.. This is the first year I am not baking, and this made me miss all the work I got out of.

  4. I want the pink angel...please ?


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