Tuesday, December 29, 2009


blue moon

wishes come true...they do, i promise, i swear
even new baby wishes...if you squeeze your eyes tight
and think of happy, sweet and tender things.

weave the slender branches through your hair,
take a deep breath, let dreams take full flight...
and enjoy the wonder the blue moon brings.

my wish for you in the new year: happiness, joy and comfort to you and your beloved.


  1. Char, my eyes are squeezed very tight, indeed,
    and my thoughts are filled with nothing but happy, sweet, tender things ( that is hard to do ). I've woven the branches, in some sort of fashion, through my hair and my dreams are airborne!! I'm waiting for the blue moon and I, too, wish you only happiness, peace, and joy in 2010.

  2. Happy, sweet, and tender.......all good things to wish for and behold in this new year.
    Lots of it is wished for you too!

  3. What a truly beautiful photo and such gorgeous thoughts

  4. Happiness, peace and joy to all. love the photo. wow.

  5. Love this with the ring around the moon and the silhouette of the tree. Beautiful photo. Thank you for the tender wishes!

  6. Char, bless your heart...I'm so glad your wish came true! Love the picture.


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