Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The countdown has begun. The big day is almost here. Many of us will spend the next nine days gathering more presents, making our parcels look gorgeous, making sure we have enough food, the right menu. We'll finish decorating and cleaning and preparing treats for our kids parties and for our guests. Some of us will pack our daily clothes so that we can travel to be with family or friends. These next nine days will be filled with movement and rush, but this week we'd like to encourage you to take a step back and focus on the calm in your life. Those moments that this season is all about. Take time to remember that we all celebrate this moment for different reasons, but it's all centered around being together and love. Share your calm moments with us this week. Make sure you give yourself that.


  1. A good theme for this it will make us reflect on just that!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. beautifully said dani - beautifully said.

  3. yep right now isn't that what we all need, some peace and some calmness. The stores are buzzing, the roads are busy, our thoughts flying every which way, oh yeah we need some calm.

  4. This is a perfect theme for this all the world hurries this time of year. It's nice to come here and calm down.

  5. Oh what a great theme for the week.!


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