Thursday, December 17, 2009


The House is silent, my husband is sleeping, the dogs are content, everything in darkness except for the glow of my computer screen. As always just over my shoulder my cat Stinky keeping an eye on the cursor on the screen. She sits purring away as calm as calm can be. I love the calming effect of her purring.
I feel any tension relax from my shoulders and soon I will be off to bed.
But for now I listen!
This was a very hard shot for me as I have very short arms!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. Wow, Stinky is gorgeous and has such beautiful green eyes! Animals have a wonderful calming effect on us...and what a gift that is.

  2. For the last few days, my son's girlfriend has been visiting with her ten year old dog, Sammy. What a sweetheart she she is ( both the girlfriend and her dog! ). I've been looking after Sammy while Katie's been up at Tahoe with her friends and Jeremy's been working. It's been a wonderful task. She just lays quietly behind me while I work or snuggles beside me when I lie down ( I have to confess, I let her on the bed ) - she's a tall, slim mixed breed
    with such a sweet face.

  3. our pets can surely bring calm...sweet cat

  4. Hello kitty! So sweet and the purr of a kitty is awesome and very calming!

  5. Stinky has amazing eyes. Your shot turned out great.


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