Monday, December 21, 2009

D is for Donation

February 7th 2009 the hottest day in history where the mercury hit 47C / 116.6 F, was also one of the worst days in Australian History. Now known, as Black Saturday. The devastating bush fire swept through Towns to Melbourne’s north, killing 173 people. This was a fierce fire that spread so quickly due to wind conditions, some people just never stood a chance.

This Christmas please remember where possible give to any needing Charity. I take this time of year to bag up clothes that no longer fit, some the kids have only worn once or twice, I also go through toys the children no longer play with or grown out of that are still in good condition and then take them to the Salvos.


  1. always a good reminder this time of year. thank you

  2. always always always....I keep a basket in my garage and as things come up...clothes, shoes, scarves the kids don't want anymore....EVERYTHING goes in the basket and when it's we go to goodwill or the salvation army or the hospice thrift store.....

    I love giving things away.....

  3. Yes, yes, yes....dito dito dito! I do the same.
    Giving....such a warm fuzzy feeling!

  4. giving is the best part. this is lovely.
    : )


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