Sunday, December 13, 2009

holiday decoration

I can't believe I'm here on the last day posting for this theme. I've been preparing for holidays all week - dressing things up around the house - making paper ornaments, stringing popcorn, decorating the tree, baking, putting wreaths on the windows and candles in the windows, shopping online, making Christmas cards, tying ribbons on packages, etc. And all of this I do just once a year. Another thing I do only once a year is dress myself up - for the company Christmas party. I'm not a 'dress-up' kind of girl but on this night I wore diamonds on my ears (fake but who cares) and ruffles around my waist and bows on my shoes and it felt nice.
Have fun at your holiday parties.


  1. I bet you looked great. You probably ought to dress up more often. Love your shoes.

  2. I love to get dressed up - I think it's because, for so much of my life, I was in hospital scrubs!

  3. love those shoes!! and I also love fake diamonds!!

    I bet you looked beautiful

  4. love the ruffles! not just for the little girls!
    : )

  5. Oh yeah ... LOVE those shoes...


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