Monday, December 28, 2009

a wish for all things to be looking up for our country in the coming year

I know we did the theme "looking up" a while back
but it seems so perfect for
a new years wish.
we hear every day that our country
is making a comeback financially.
I don't see this yet!
there are so many people out of work
and barely making it.
the excesses of the last few years
having caught up with us all.
a reset button
needed to be pushed
and it was.
There is a struggle out here
among us
to keep our heads above water,
everyday expenses we all took for granted
a few years ago
are thought about quite
seriously nowadays.
I know I think about every cent I spend
as I know I might not have that few cents in
the coming months.
So my wish
is for everybody
and emotionally
as well as our country
we all love so much
to have a bright healthy
Growth we can sustain for years ahead.
A future we can all look up too.
Happy New Years


  1. a beautiful wish and very wise advice too

  2. Well said and I love your cheerful image!

  3. You have a wonderful that I will join you in wishing...also what a lovely plant and photo!!

  4. i wish that to be so for your country too. A lovely photo also.

  5. I wish that for all of us, a better future for all our countries.


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