Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remain Calm

It’s only paint

It will wash off ……

Please, just DON’T touch the walls.

Blood pressure rising. Breathe in breathe out, remind myself it’s only paint. It’s only paint. It’s only paint. What's the worst that can happen.

Calm is a state of mind. Sometimes it better to think what's the worst that can happen and then let go of your fear. However, I never said doing this was easy and I myself struggle with the concept from time to time.


  1. oh liss I am right there with you! breathe!

  2. LOL....I love this! So me when a child! Now I know what my mama went through! ha
    It's OK, its only paint and will wash away....
    Breathe...slowly breathe.

  3. oh i remember those days!!! calm is great if you can manage...sometimes though you just have to go outside and scream!

  4. I would freak out, Liss, and stand guard so he doesn't touch anything but soap and water!!!

  5. RNSANE: I did escort him to the bathroom to ensure he didn't touch a thing. He also had paint up his arms to his shoulders as he'd decided to paint himself.

  6. Childhood, A very colorful time in life. Love the photo.

  7. Love the photo and that you are brave enough, I usually do these things with my nieces and nephews outside and then clean them all up outside. What fun.

  8. I so know what you mean! Such a cutie though:)

  9. oh my! I can remember my youngest brother and sister doing such all the time when they were young. glad you caught it before it did get to the walls.


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