Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wishes - May they turn into goals.

Today was my brother's birthday and as most of us do, he made a wish as he blew out his candles. We do that as children, and even as adults, secretly believing they will come true if we blow all of the candles out.
As the New Year approaches we have dreams, wishes and hopes for the coming year. But can we simply wish for something and expect it will come true if we don't turn those wishes into goals and take action? This New Year I hope that your wishes turn into goals and those goals will come to fruition in the coming year.
For many years, one of my wishes has been to travel to Provence, France with my daughter. This year I hope to make it a goal.
What is one wish you hope for in the coming year?


  1. a trip to france would be fun! i think this candle pic is brilliant!

  2. What a beautiful wish...and wonderful photo! Here's to your wish coming true! :)

  3. we have to choose just one wish? thats gonna be hard.

  4. umm my wish to travel to france is coming true in may cannot wait. the photo is lovely hope you get your wish

  5. sounds like a beautiful trip - I hope it comes true for you.

    i don't really do resolutions but like you, i do goals throughout the year. i'm spending this year recovering my finances.

  6. what a fabulous theme...your trip sounds like a dream that will come true..i shall think on this one!!!

  7. Love this photo and theme! Good choice. I hope your wish DOES come true!

  8. I so hope your wish comes true for you.


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