Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no shadows

This time of year in Kansas, a shadow can be hard to find.
This year it has been especially difficult.
It is snowing again and supposed to drop down to the minus temps tonight.

Grey days filled with clouds and gloom help to remind me
of the glorious spring days which are just around the corner.
I love living in a place with four seasons.


  1. We've had the really cold temps here in NJ, but at least the sky has been blue! Wonderful almost abstract composition with the wires here -- love it.

    Stay warm! :)

  2. great picture! we are awaiting a winter storm over here...stay warm my friend.

  3. Stay warm and think s p r i n g...

  4. brrrr, i can sympathize - stay warm!

  5. San Francisco is tolerable, not too cold and sunny weather during the day. Temps about 60 at the highest, 45 at night.

    Nice picture.

  6. ...any poor shadows would freeze for sure....

  7. Too cold to go outside and look for shadows! They're hiding anyway! The colors looks sooooo cold! Brrrr!

  8. no shadows! we've had a lot of that lately...i had to wait for my photo this week, thinking I'd have to do a no-shadow one, too!


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