Monday, January 25, 2010

On The Rocks

I now know where the term “lounge lizard” came from.

We usually walk into town by way of the road and return home by the beach. It takes a little longer by road as it swings away from the water and then swings back. It’s also away from the sea breeze so it’s hotter…a lot hotter. The sidewalks are not in the best of shape but on the plus side, it’s flatter than the beach which at high tide, leaves me feeling like I’ve got one leg shorter than the other by the time I get home.

When we walk along the road, there’s a small creek near our hotel and we always stop at the bridge and look intently down at the rocks below us. A group of lizards have made these rocks their home and spend their days lounging in the sun. Our game is to a) try to find them as they’re masters of camouflage and b) count how many we can find. They sit for hours perfectly still, soaking up the rays and eating any bugs that are unfortunate enough to wander just a little too close.

It's good to have the opportunity to slow down to the point where simply watching and noticing becomes an important part of one's day!

When Gail suggested Rocks for the theme this week, I knew I needed to take a picture of this lounge lizard perched on his rock and I'm sure he prefers his tequila "on the rocks" too!


  1. that guy is capture!

  2. great capture and i love the story too

  3. Instead of stopping to smell the roses you present stopping to count the lizards:)...This is perfect!

  4. Great capture, you can hardly see him...Take care.

  5. Love this! And I love "good to...slow down to the point where simply watching and noticing becomes an important part of one's day". SO true.

  6. I'm here in winter's cold picturing you there in the warm sunlight with balmy air blowing on your face....I'm envious.

  7. I love this photo -- how wonderful to see something so interesting every day.


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