Saturday, January 16, 2010


Either this cake is the Disaster that I have tried to make
Or it is the Birthday cake that was made with love.
Either these crumbs are proof of a mess
Or they are the sprinkles of what is inside.

Because, honestly, doesn't a cake
that is made and sprinkled with love
mean more to us on the inside
than some grumpy person giving you
the most beautiful cake on earth?


  1. well i think that cake has love written all over it, and i'm sure it taste pretty good :))

  2. i love that perspective!!! hope you have a fabulous birthday celebration with your loved one.

  3. Absolutely!....Its the thought and effort that counts more!! It doesn't matter how it looks its the taste that counts.

  4. It's for my husband's Birthday (today).

    It tastes good - maybe a little heavy on the icing - but he says he likes a lot of icing, so it's okay

  5. i have to agree with you...happiest celebration with frosting and green sprinkle

  6. Yep - I'd happily take a bite...or three. (;

  7. Give me a cake made with love over a fancy bakery cake any day!....what a fun post!

  8. i still remember a cake my dad made for me one year when i was young. it fell apart but he put it back together with icing -made with love for sure.


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