Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rock (Candy)

As a little girl I remember making this with sugar and water. Then we used to take a string and dip it in the mixture and it would turn into the sweetest best candy. I know I am missing parts of the recipe, it has been a long time since I was a little girl, does anyone remember?


  1. Oh, you're bringing back memories. I made this for a "teaching science" class back in college. This will require some digging...
    Great take on the theme, by the way!

  2. no, that's how we made it too - but it took forever for the crystals to 'grow' as the water evaporated.

  3. Beautiful warm shot...I remember making rock candy with the Girl Scouts many, many years longer remember how we did it but do remember having fun...

  4. Thanks for the memories...Science class 196?...
    We did this as an experiment. Sorry, I don't remember the recipe either....

  5. They were always available to me on a stick at the candy store. Not this beautiful of a hue though. Thanks to your 196? experimentation!

  6. yes, we made it like this, too! I can remember putting something else in sometimes -- not always -- anise? licorice? did we make horehound candy???
    Darn! Now it's going to bother me until I remember!

  7. Very creative use of the theme! My stepfather used to make "cough syrup" out of rock candy and whiskey! LOL


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