Thursday, January 28, 2010


These were the rocks I was concerned with this past weekend. Up on the chair lift, swaying and rocking in the wind, so high it crossed my mind a couple of times - if I fell off of this chair I don't think it would be such a soft landing. Well, I didn't let that thought stay with me very long, rather I enjoyed the beauty all around me from a vantage point I don't get to see very often. It was amazing being so high in the trees, enjoying the breeze becoming colder and colder the higher we rose and the gently swinging chair was rather relaxing - a good breather before skiing down once again.


  1. Those little Christmas like trees create the illusion of a miniature & giant world within the forest. I envision tiny hikers making their way up the crevasse. Enchanting.

  2. This brought back memories...fond memories...

  3. :-D Great shot! When we ski I always try NOT to think about the rocks that are just below me under all that "soft" snow!


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