Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is not a mental illness

Day dreaming
Coy glances
Intimate brushes in the corridors
The first kiss anticipation
Locking lips lustfully in empty elevators
Prolonged tender hugs
Love-loony songs on rewind
Flowers and books gifting routine
The corny chemistry
Absolute fulfillment in surrender
Sharp, forceful, sudden essential cravings
The butterflies in the gut feel
The nuttiest uttered in the name of love
So we remain
Composing a charming storyline


  1. so sweet - young love, old is beautiful

  2. Beautiful love!
    "Love is being stupid together."
    ~Paul Valery

  3. Incredible interpretation of love!

  4. hmm i can vaguely remember some of those lines happening to me oh dear those were the days. Now my love and I married 28 years next month, well you know the song if you like pina colada, yep we still got it.


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