Sunday, February 21, 2010

Me, Myself and I

Here I am...sunburned nose, hair bleached and frizzed by the my hotel room in Panama City. I'm of an age now where wrinkles are old news and my next challenge is...when do I let the grey roots grow out and go "au naturel".? yet. I think I need a few more years!

(I've so enjoyed putting faces to names on this challenge and getting to know each of you a little better!)


  1. :) i just decided to cover mine back up - I thought I was ready to go gray, but then decided NOT.

    hello you!

  2. Great SP. Lucky you in Panama! Me too, sometimes I look like a tabby cat with all the colors in my hair. One of these days but right now to vain to let the gray shine through :)

  3. You are so pretty, Kate! Take care in the sun and cover that cute nose with some sunscreen!

    I went natural several years ago and haven't looked back. I love the freedom.

  4. Hi Kate..I know what you mean!!
    Wishing I was in PC!!

  5. Love your honesty and your portrait! So good to meet you!

  6. you are so nice to put smiles with names!

  7. cute cute, and I'm with you all the help I can get to stay looking a little younger then I am taking it.

  8. HI Kate, it's nice to meet you. i have loved "seeing" everyone's beautiful smiles and eyes - the faces behind the photos.
    you're very pretty sunburned nose and all.


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