Thursday, February 18, 2010



Alright. I'm going to be honest. I don't know how to use the timer thing on my camera. So every picture I take is my squinting or having a double chin. And while I could have posted one of those, it wouldn't have been realistic. I also could have posted one of me all dolled up, also not realistic. This photo was taken of me this last summer and I think it's entirely realistic about who I am on a day-to-day basis. I guess I interpret this challenge as us being realistic about ourselves. And this is me: I wear my hair in a ponytail most days, I rarely wear make-up and I generally have a kid hanging on me. I think I have earrings on because I went to a wedding the day before, but that's not an everyday thing either.
I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's pictures (and especially Beth's voice). So, this is me.
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  1. ((hugs)) hello you

    and i love the fact that you keep it real

  2. I love you just the way you are....REAL !

    I was real makeup and a ski cap, as I walked around the zoo....I didn't scare too many of the animals so I guess that's a good sign.....

  3. I love it. You're a busy mom and you've got a loving little guy hugging on you. It's a perfect shot for your time of life.

  4. You look great...a lovely mama! Love your life it way it truly is.

    I am so much like you in the real department on a day to day basis..but no one and I mean no one wants to see me without eye makeup! Scary!

  5. How nice to see your pretty face!

  6. You are a cutie! And so is that little munchkin hanging around your neck!

  7. This is wonderful! I too have left-over earring days. Great shot of you and your little one!

  8. Hi Dani, so nice to meet you and your little one. You're so beautiful!


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