Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Self Realisation

I’ve been watching you all from the sidelines this year.
Been busy and getting busier.
The summer holidays are over
Now 3 weeks into the school year
Back to Dancing and Swimming
Soccer starts next month
Then there’s work and Camera Club commitments
No wonder why I always feel exhausted
To top it off I’m up to the wee hours blogging
As it’s the only spare time I have.
They say the camera len sees everything
Well it certainly saw the bags under my eyes
Did the camera make them look 10 times worse?
Or are they really that bad in real life and I just never noticed.
When people comment to me (often) that I look tired are they
Politely saying “geez you have some whopper bags under your eyes”
Photoshop and some black and white processing has fix the issue in the image
But some more serious measures are needed to fix the issue in real life.


  1. we love you just the way you are....

  2. you have a mischievous look in that smile.

  3. that sparkle in your eye is great!!!

  4. great sparkle...and i have yet to meet a person that says 'i love all the pictures that i take of myself' lol

  5. You look cute and perky in your photo. I can tell there's a lot of life in you. Get some rest so those pesky bags will pack up and leave.

  6. Cute picture! Try putting some wet tea bags on your eyes while you lie down for some much needed rest. :)

  7. Liss you are so cute and remember what I said over on your blog sounds great to me if I was in Melb I'd sit the kids for you. hugs

  8. Very nice portrait Liss. I see a sparkle in your smile and in your eyes...a happy sparkle.

  9. Well, I've got a double chin and lots of wrinkles to go with my bags... lol

    So nice to see your pretty face. :)

  10. Love your perspective - both from the camera and your writing! Miss seeing you & your work. Hope you are able to find some balance!

  11. Hi Liss, I'm glad you jumped in and shared your happy energy with us!


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