Monday, February 8, 2010

So Sweet

S  W  E  E  T
pleasing or agreeable; delightful. 
amiable; kind or gracious, as a person, action, etc.
dear; beloved; precious.
easily managed; done or effected without effort.
sentimental, cloying, or unrealistic: a sweet painting of little kittens.
in a sweet manner; sweetly.
(in direct address) darling; sweetheart.
something pleasant to the mind or feelings.
a beloved person. listed at least 27 definitions for the word sweet.
This is a sweet photo of my sweetheart, in his sweet kayak, paddling so sweetly on the river that was so smooth...sweet.


  1. Sweet is right!! what a gorgeous shot! It would have to hang on my wall if he belonged to me!

  2. that is one sweet image..looks like a mirror...and that pop of!

  3. Sweet shot! Actually, it's stunning.

  4. This is an incredible photo - love the sky's reflection. Wonderful moment you caught here!

  5. I think this should be in a dictionary, because it is sweeter than what was described. Love, love the reflection.


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