Monday, February 22, 2010


Tucked inside a sleeve
or folded over the belt of her everyday housedress,
inside her purse ready for action...
for wiping tears or runny noses,
for making handkerchief babies
to quiet a restless girl in church on Sunday morning;
she was never caught without one or two.

The first things I learned to iron
standing on a low stool at the ironing board,
because I was too small to reach.

She kept them neatly ironed and folded
inside the tri-cornered Lucite box
in the corner of her dresser drawer
which also held her head scarves and other dainties.

The few I have left are threadbare and worn.
It's almost twenty-three years
since I passed one to each of the daughters and granddaughters,
sisters and nieces
who were present at her wake,
where they wiped away
tears of remembrance,
and heartbreak.
They are treasured.

Everyone has something tucked away that is treasured in their heart. I would love to see your treasures.



  1. Susan, this is beautiful and what memories and treasures for your whole family.This is a great theme for the week...a lovely tribute to your Mom.
    Big hug.

  2. Thanks so much, Cinner. And a big hug back to you. :)

  3. Hello, friends. The theme is actually Treasured, with a D. I know it's silly, who cares? but I'm picky. ;)

  4. My G'ma was really into crocheting on hankies and then she would put them into a trunk. Apparently she had hundreds of them, but my aunt kept them all!!

    Beautiful photo and beautifuller memories

  5. Beautiful Susan, makes me recall my grandmother's use of hankies, I have several that belonged to her. We have similar experiences of loving to iron when little... that is no longer the case!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful tribute. I still have one of mom's and one of dad's. my daddy used them more - but the one of mom's was used when she went to church on sundays.

    beautiful memories. and yes, i'm know very treasured this treasure.

  7. What touching grace, and love. Delicately, you have shared a beautiful vision of your mother... the poem and image are a treasure.

  8. Love this theme and your post. Wonderful!

  9. I can smell the hot cotton of ironing hankies. When they're colorful and belong to someone you love, they're even warmer.

    Beautiful, Susie.

  10. Susan, your photograph is a little work of art and the text is a beautiful ode to your mother. You put a lot of love and care into both - your Mom must be smiling.

  11. Gosh you brought back so many memories, great treasures you have for sure.

  12. What a terrific theme. No one wants to see a photo of my ratty teddy bear Cuddles, who is truly treasured by me and me alone.

    Your post reminds me of a handkerchief my mother gave me to act as both "something old" and "something blue" on my wedding day - a handkerchief that belonged to her mother - my namesake - with our shared first initial embroidered in blue. That is treasured too.

  13. What a lovely idea. Deborah is right, your photo is a work of art and so are your words. Those pretty handkerchiefs are truly a thing of the past. I remember the mother of my best friend used to always have one at the ready.

  14. I remember learning to iron handkerchiefs when I was small too. We use to iron everything then.
    :-)I have some treasure to share. First I need to find it, take a picture and then post it. Will link back to you.

  15. Lovely post.
    This brought back forgotten memories of practicing ironing on those little squares.

  16. such special memories and such a nice little treasure. precious Susan

  17. Susan! What a beautiful post and such lovely treasures. I love your photography and the way you write.

  18. Extremely powerful Susan. Your composition is as lovely as the memory you shared with us. I can picture her placing the neatly folded handkerchiefs in the Lucite box and gently closing the dresser drawer.

  19. beautiful and very touching ~ elk

  20. Both photo and poem are treasures. So many memories come forth: my grandma did the same thing with her hankies on a Sunday morning (quieting two restless grandkids in church). Love the detail of the little stool.
    Well done, Susan!


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