Friday, February 26, 2010



I remember the summer
You purchased the loom.
And I still have the scarf
You made me that winter.

Your instructions were to wear it
and to not be afraid to wash it.

At first I draped it across
the top of my dresser
the pictures of my friends.

Years later, I put it in a
box full of cards filled
with words of love and pictures
that my kids had drawn.

Now it is neatly folded on
a hanger in my closet
between the clothes I
always wear.

I run my fingers through
the tassels
every once in a while.
Always planning to wear
it next winter.

Always expecting to be
closer to you.
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  1. dani . such a poet . i really hung on each phrase here

  2. Mysteriously beautiful. Lovely weave. And you should wear it...just because.

  3. What wonderful memories of a true treasure.

  4. i am wondering who made it for you who you loved and treasured so much that you have kept it all these years. Lovely Dani

  5. Beautiful Dani....I read with anticipation each line to the next.


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