Saturday, February 27, 2010

Treasures Within

It’s not a buried treasure of gold and silver but things that are treasured in my heart. Some of these things can be found inside this old pie safe which belonged to my Grannie…a treasure in its self. It is found in my daughter Holly’s bedroom at my house. Behind its greenish blue screen doors with little glass knobs, you will find many things…Books from her Dr. Seuss collection, old toys, and my Mama’s china creamer. Also there within you will find neatly folded handmade Afghans, Holly’s collection of Hollie Hobbie glasses, milk glass from her wedding, and more books. These are treasures with memories and treasures from collecting. They are not worth very much at all, but they are my treasures which to me are worth more than
gold and silver.

@Heartfelt and Homemade


  1. Treasures that are worn out from being loved are worth more than gold and silver. What a lovely way to store them, Cora.

  2. I love the old doorknob on the cabinet and the little toy.

  3. sounds like this cabinet holds a world of treasures.
    love the photo.


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