Tuesday, February 23, 2010

two chairs


as I sat today
gazing out the window
I caught a glimpse of the blinds reflecting
upon one of the many watercolors painted by my mom
snapped the photo through misty eyes
wishing we were there
in the two chairs


  1. Oh, I how I feel for sorry for your loss and the lingering grief. I still have these moments every once in awhile for my father who passed 17 years ago.

    ((Hugs to you Elk))

  2. This is such a beautiful photograph Elk! I know how you feel about missing your mother as my mine passes away five years ago and I still have those moments of loss.

    And my mother also painted with watercolours!

  3. oh elk, i know the memories never fade, i lost my dad 6 years ago and would give anything to have had more time. the photo is wonderful and big husgs to you dear

  4. Beautiful painting how lucky your mom left you with such treasures.

  5. beautiful - it makes me misty eyed too

  6. What a lovely painting...they chairs seem to be made for a mother and a daughter. Very powerful symbols.

  7. Wow this treasure theme is really pulling at my heart strings. I love that in that moment you were brought to a tender place.

  8. Elk, that is a beautiful painting and I wish you both could be sitting on the chairs. beautiful.

  9. so sorry for your loss. what an incredible painter she was. I love this painting but it does show longing and an emptiness that i know you must feel. it is indeed a treasure that you hold there on your wall.

  10. a perfect blending of words and picture and theme.
    a treasured moment captured in time.

  11. a wonderful photo of a great painting and warm hearted memories to match.

  12. This is sweet....Treasures should touch our hearts.


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