Sunday, March 7, 2010


There were so many possibilities for this week's theme. I settled on one after much deliberation.

My relationship with food is flawed.

I love with food. (Our dogs tend to get chunky with all my lovin'.)
I celebrate with food.
I mope, pout and sulk with food.
I live to eat, rather than eat to live. (Hence the three containers of ice cream in our freezer.)

I have only come to this revelation since my metabolism has slowed down with age. However, some flaws can be worked on and I'm good with that too.

(My apologies to Beth who has cut sugar out completely from her diet.)


  1. Just coming out of a weekend of birthday sugared concoctions, I feel your pain, Traci. The bad news...we have another one next weekend and the week after that and two weeks later. Ugh. I've always had a flawed relationship with food, too.

  2. oh yes, me too. me too. and ice cream is my very favorite.

  3. don't we all have mulitple flavours in the freezer, I know I do.


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