Monday, March 8, 2010


I am flawed.
I lack courage,
I hang onto fear and worry
I have trouble forgiving.

I have trouble in my art
I have trouble in my heart
I tend to stay depressed
I find that I look for flaws in people and places
But mostly I look for them in myself.

I have physical flaws
A scar under my chin
A scar in my eyebrow
My legs have many faint scars of a tomboy
I am overweight

But through all of my flaws I know That
When I believe in someone I believe until they give me a reason not to
I will give a friend or relative all that I own
I will get up for a sad friend at 3AM
When I love - I love deeply - and risk the pain that may come later
When I am doing something for someone - I give it all I have - until I can't do anything more

You are looking at a deeply flawed person, but then again, maybe I'm looking at one also
I will do my best to overlook your flaws, if you will be so kind to me.


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