Saturday, March 20, 2010

green is my favorite color

I saw a lot of green today. This first day of Spring I took note of the hydrangeas sprouting forth with new growth and delicate little green sprouts of vinca poking through the soil, a greener grass lawn and bright green houses down in Cabbage Town. But my favorite green of all was the green Jeep in the driveway (she name my old car Kirby). To look out the window and see that green puts a big smile on my face - it means Taylor is home. Green is my favorite color.


  1. Now you can breathe is good!

  2. i love bright spring green - so much that i bought a new comforter with that color. and yes, i love the smile i hear in your words when taylor is home.

  3. :-D I know EXACTLY what you mean! Yay! I can see why this particular green is your favorite!

  4. that is a good thing to look at in your driveway...home sweet home


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