Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Flawed

My Flaw
I have found that we all have our own personal flaws; some of which are well hidden and some of which are very visible. I have learned that I should accept my flaws and little imperfections and celebrate them. I will celebrate the fact that I can walk with no pain, see clearly with the aid of glasses, and accept the fact that I am who I am.
Believe me the other side of my leg looks a lot worse.

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Heartfelt and Homemade
Photo Explanation
My scars are from a crushed ankle and a broken leg, all at the same time. Surgical corrections were made with pins, screws and a little plate on the leg bone.


  1. so very true. so very true. well said.

  2. You are who you are, just lovely.

  3. Why, Cora, that's barely noticeable! And those are just battle scars....they makes us stronger and more human. Love the shoes!


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