Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring - House Hunting

Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird discussing a possible new home to nest in.
He flew down and checked it out while she waited for his report.

Anyone know about their nesting habit?
I cleaned out one house and left an old nest in another, unsure if they preferred to move in to an already "furnished" place. No takers on either place yet.


  1. Beautiful and so true.
    My BB's are shopping for their rental too...have been for weeks now. They really have a hard time deciding. I really don't know anything about their preferences...sometimes I clean mine out and sometimes I forget and they still nest in them! They are so beautiful and I love to hear them sing!

  2. What a great shot- I haven't seen a bird like this in years, I don't think they like the desert.

  3. I enjoy the bluebirds but I'm so drawn to the texture in that wooden fence! Stunning.

  4. i adore bluebirds. i wish that i could coax a pair to stay awhile with me.

  5. This is so cute. You never know where they will nest, one time I had some that nested in a planter box covered by an old rug and I have a friend who has a dove come by every year and nest in her potted plant.

  6. our bluebirds are checking out our houses too. i had several broods of bluebirds nesting last year. i think they like the house to be clean


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