Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Spring Arrives...

When spring arrives it feels to me that an old friend who has journeyed long, has finally arrived on my doorstep. I fling the door open with delight and even though I’m expecting her, I’m always a little surprised at her arrival.

But always…always…I throw my arms around her and we dance in the sheer delight of each others company. She stands there smiling brightly…slightly windswept and wearing a spring dress of blossom pink and new leaf green that whispers softly as she moves.

How long can you stay"?” I ask her and she smiles and says vaguely “Oh, at least a few months”. She never stays too long as she doesn’t cope well with the heat of summer but I know, I just know, we’re going to have a wonderful time together while she’s here…we always do.

Hello Spring, I’m so glad you’ve come!


  1. gorgeous write and gorgeous photography

  2. *sigh* absolutely gorgeous -- both image and words!

  3. reunions like this are so happy!

  4. I can't wait to fling my doors open to spring.. love the words and photo

  5. I know your friend spring. She's due here any day now. Look like she's brought presents for you.
    She sent a Robin yesterday to say she's on her way.

  6. aaahhhhh, can't wait.
    she is indeed a wonderful guest in our lives. beautiful words and photo.

  7. Beautiful words....its like a visit with an old friend once a year.
    Gorgeous photo too!

  8. Spectacular colors and bokeh! I envy your talent for writing!

  9. So sweet with crisp spring cheery brightness.


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